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For Social Media Users

For Social Media Users

We all love to share photos and new discoveries with our friends. What if we could earn money just by sharing?

Imagine you see a dress on Cityblis that you love. You think it's great and you share it with your friends on Facebook. The dress costs $200 and the designer is offering 20% to all Cityblis affiliates.

One of your friends sees your post on facebook and visits Cityblis. She likes the dress as well and buys it for $200. The designer receives $160 (80%) and pays you $40 (20%) via PayPal just for sharing it with your friends. It's that easy to share and make money.

Share and make money

For Bloggers

For Bloggers

Do you like to write reviews, find new discoveries and share style tips on your blog? What if you could earn money on everything that you write and everything that you post?

As a blogger you decide what you want to write about. Why not use Cityblis to add value to your posts. Imagine you are writing a blog post about color blocking. You write the content and then visit Cityblis to find a couple of great images to go with it. You add the images and links from the HTML code generators on Cityblis and post the entire article on your blog. One of your follower's reads the article and clicks on one of the color blocking images.

The reader likes the design and buys it from Cityblis. The item costs $1,000 and the designer offers 30% to Cityblis affiliates. In the sale $700 (70%) is paid to the designer and $300 (30%) is paid to you via PayPal simply for writing about things you love and adding links from Cityblis.

For Website Owners

For Website Owners

Would you like to earn more money from your banner advertising?

You own your own website and use the top and side banners as Advertising space. You visit Cityblis and take banner and product images from the HTML code generators to fill your ad spaces. A visitor to your website clicks on the banner which directs them to Cityblis. The visitor finds a dress they like and buys it for $300.

The dress costs $300 and the designer offers 30% to Cityblis affiliates. In the sale $210 (70%) is paid to the designer and $90 (30%) is paid is directly paid to you via PayPal.

Create your own affiliate network

Create your own affiliate network

Would you like to earn more money from your banner advertising?

You own your own website and use the top and side banners as Advertising space. You visit Cityblis and take banner and product images from the HTML code generators to fill your ad spaces. A visitor to your website clicks on the banner which directs them to Cityblis. The visitor finds a dress they like and buys it for $300.

The dress costs $300 and the designer offers 30% to Cityblis affiliates. In the sale $210 (70%) is paid to the designer and $90 (30%) is paid is directly paid to you via PayPal.

Imagine you invite a friend to join your Cityblis Affiliate Network. They sign up to your network and become a Cityblis Affiliate. Your friend then earns a commission of $200 from a sale. As a member of your network you get 10% ($20) for inviting them and your friend gets 90% ($180) for making the sale. Now imagine that you have 300 friends, followers and members all earning commissions for you. The bigger your network grows, the bigger your commissions will be. It's that easy.

Get paid when your friends and readers shop online

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Are you a Unique Designer?

Cityblis is an invitation only community for unique designers and artists. Membership in Cityblis allows you access to a host of exclusive benefits and privileges.

Your designs showcased to the world

As an exclusive member of Cityblis, designers receive invitations to fashion events, trade shows and access to international buyers and procurement houses. Through our partners we are able to publish stories across social networks and fashion magazines around the world.

There are no costs, commissions or fees involved in joining Cityblis. Designers are only allowed to join Cityblis by invitation or recommendation. Before granting membership access, every new designer is screened to ensure Cityblis quality standards.

To request exclusive membership, submit your website or look book to:

We look forward to hear from you and sharing your brand with fashion lovers everywhere.

Amanda Davis
Head of Cityblis Community

Dressing model...


Discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers!

  • Fashion

Welcome to

Welcome to Cityblis – a place to discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers! Use Cityblis to find cool fashion, start new trends, hear exclusive stories and buy unique pieces from around the world.

Cityblis is more than just a platform. It is a community of creative talents and fashion savvy people. We are empowering designers to build their brands by working with fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway and trade shows all under one roof to let designers do what they do best – design great fashion.

Through great fashion find unique people, unique moments, unique stories and share them with the world.


For our
fashion lovers

Cityblis lets you discover the best independent fashion designers around the world - Fashion is a personal expression of who we are and we want it to be unique!

Cityblis is a community of trendsetters and fashion forward innovators that brings together designers and fashion lovers like you from every corner of the globe and from every medium.

Remember before the internet we used to go to the mall to check out the latest fashion, see the cool displays, talk to people in the store and hang out with our friends. So now that everything is now online - why does that have to change? We want to bring the joy of online shopping and fashion back to the internet.

Cityblis not only allows designers to showcase their creativity but more importantly allows them to tell their story - giving you a sneak peek behind the designer, their products and their brands.

Fashion Lovers

This is the place to meet new and exciting designers that are pushing the boundaries in the creative space. Find the coolest items from around the world that matches your personal style and most importantly…that no one else is wearing!

Cityblis is not just as a place to buy unique fashion - it as a fully interactive community which takes you behind the scenes to give you inside tips and share your latest trends. Best of all you can browse trends and tips from designers and other fashion lovers. Get inspired by all the beautiful things from all over the globe. With so much fashion, there is something for everyone.

For our
designers & artists

Designers and Artists

As artists and designers the problem we face is that no matter how talented we are or how impressive our designs, we are still overshadowed by large corporations that dictate art and fashion to the general public. We want the recognition we deserve and without the right channels and exposure most of us are forced to abandon our own labels and join commercial corporations.

Fashion lovers face the same problem - They are bombarded with today's commercial fashion trends but have no way to find creative pieces that are not mass produced for the general public. And so Cityblis was started to solve these problems with one simple word - 'Visibility'.

It's all about Visibility and Cityblis enables designers and artists, their brands and their designs to become visible to the world.

Cityblis is a community of designers and fashion lovers looking to find each other. It’s not only about selling more…it is about building your brand and expressing the feeling behind that brand.

Design is all about individuality. And this starts with a unique personal page that is created for each designer where you can showcase, expand and also sell your designs. The biggest benefit to you is the opportunity to write about yourself!…about your life, your inspirations, your intentions and most importantly the story behind your designs. These stories are then sent to fashion magazines and bloggers around the world who are looking to write about new, interesting designers.

We understand each designer is unique. Your fashion and your brands are a representation of the message you want to convey to the world. And it shouldn’t be any different for the place you display your work. Each designer’s page is created uniquely for you. We do not believe in template or stock standard designs and your individuality is what makes you who you are!

Visibility and Cityblis

So why use Cityblis?

It’s all about visibility and market presence! Today opening a brand is like opening a shop in the middle of the desert. That is why Cityblis is working directly with fashion magazines and fashion bloggers to tell your story. To give you even more exposure we work with fashion events and runway shows in Europe, the US and Australia where selected designers are invited to participate. We also work with procurement houses and retail buyer associations who are extremely interested in Cityblis to discover new designers and purchase collections for next season.

Cityblis gives you the possibility to be seen within large corporations and not simply lost amongst the crowd. New avenues for exposure and customers are made available with the right tools and the right connections to help you branch out globally and tell your story.

By invitation only


Cityblis is an exclusive community for designers and artists. But we always want to meet new talent. If you are interested in joining Cityblis please send us your website or some images of your work to We look forward to hearing from you.

As a creative professional we respect your work. Designers are only allowed to join by invitation or recommendation. Limited invitations are also given to our trusted partners such as fashion institutes, associations and bloggers to invite designers they believe are ready.

Before being allowed to participate in Cityblis every new designer is screened to ensure they meet quality standards. Cityblis is curated for designers but totally open to fashion lovers/buyers/visitors or anyone who would like to view your work.

Selecting Designers

As part of the prelaunch phase, designers were selected from the USA (NYC & LA), the UK, Sweden, and Australia. Selection was based on:

  • The uniqueness of the brand/designers in new markets
  • The professionalism of the designer and their brand
  • The story behind the brand - What is their motivation to be a designer? Where do they get their inspiration? What is the core of their story? What do they and their brands represent?

For all of our prelaunch designers, each was assigned a Cityblis graphics designer who came up with a unique concept to best represent the brand. These graphic designers had previously worked for MTV and Sony for international musicians, artists and celebrities. Each graphic designer then tailored the designer’s page to match their personal style and brand.

Helping designers
build brands

Collaboration between United States and the European Union

No matter how good your brand is or how amazing your products are, if customers can’t find you, then you will never reach the sales you deserve.

The only way to increase sales is to be visible to customers. Cityblis makes brands and products visible to the world with personalized stores, as part of a global platform and most importantly across all major social networks from Facebook to Twitter. We use the marketing power of Cityblis to reach new designers and new fashion lovers.

Cityblis is bringing all the resources of the fashion industry under one roof. Each designer, product, page and the platform itself is linked with all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN, and more) to give our designers the viral marketing power and social media presence that large international fashion brands use.

The designer’s stories are also published on our own social media pages and sent out to all collaborating fashion magazines in the US, Europe and Australia.

Top fashion bloggers are invited to report on our designers and the project itself. These bloggers are looking for new designers, new products and new stories to blog in their own communities.

The platform itself and in turn all its designers will be extensively marketed in fashion events and various media both locally and internationally.

On the other side of the fashion industry – government and business organizations both in Europe and the US are behind Cityblis. The platform is designed to operate in multiple countries, giving local designers the tools to reach global customers and export their products anywhere in the world.


So how is Cityblis different...

  • Technology


So how is Cityblis different…

Personalized pages

Fashion is all about uniqueness and emotion. The way you feel when you wear something – when you see it – when you touch it. And everything surrounding that piece is an extension of that feeling including the place that you buy it.

When you walk through fashion center from one store to the next, every store looks totally different. It’s not just the fashions that are different but the store itself - the way the products are arranged, the pictures hanging on the wall, the music playing in the background and even lighting is different. It is this variety that makes shopping so joyful…and it is in this way we experience the emotion and the feeling behind each brand.

This is the feeling and emotion we have created at Cityblis - Every store is unique - Every brand has a personality - and every designer has a story to tell. And through Cityblis we want our designers to express themselves in every way possible – through their fashions, through their stories and through their stores. Shopping is an experience…an event to be enjoyed…and online shopping should not be any different.

Bringing down the Price

By making Cityblis totally free we allow our designers to offer their fashions at lower prices to you.


We do not believe in competition. We welcome anybody and everybody that wants to work with us to give you better access to fashions from all over the world. We love the way others have opened up the internet and we want to continue in this tradition. Only by working together can we really start to break down some of the barriers in the industry. So we invite fashion magazines, bloggers, fashion institutes, designers, fashion lovers, fashion communities, government groups and even other fashion platforms to join us and change the way we buy fashion.

Shopping with friends - fashion streams

The best part about buying new fashion… is doing it with friends. No one likes to go and look for their next pair of awesome jeans by themselves…I mean - who is going to tell you if you look good in them if you are alone?

Fashion is more fun when it is shared with others. That is why Cityblis has implemented multiple streams to let you follow your friends shopping activities, see the latest trends from around the world, find great designers, get the latest news, read tips from style experts and socialize with others in the fashion world.
So go ahead, connect to not just Facebook but to Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, LinkedIn, MSN, MySpace, Orkut and more. Enjoy shopping together with your friends.

By Invitation Only

Designers are invited to join Cityblis only after passing through a screening process to ensure that you get unique quality designs that meet the highest level of service and professionalism.

The business of Fashion

Fashion is more than just great clothes – fashion is a business! And Cityblis helps designers as small businesses – We do this at a grassroots level with the designer themselves, at a business level with collaborating organizations and at a political level bringing in the support of government bodies to break down barriers within the industry. These barriers include issues such import/export, logistics and taxation and we understand that government participation is necessary to create real world solutions for international trade in the fashion industry.


More than just an internet platform!

Cityblis is not designed to be a “like” or “share” button on some social networking site. We are talking about a fully interactive, multi-platform integration with ALL social sites. Cityblis allows consumers to shop and interact with friends and others from the comfort of their own social network. The experience is totally social, recreating a format that they are already familiar with. By making this online activity social, non-traditional users who have not tried online shopping for fear of being scammed or cheated can now take part with friends. This format makes them feel safer and more secure in a virtual universe that has up until this point been alienating. Cityblis promotes social interaction with users’ real friends. We aim to recreate a truly social shopping experience. The only way to do that is to allow users to share and interact with their own friends on all their favorite social networks.


Cityblis is one of the most advanced fashion platforms, but it is more than just an internet platform… It is the connection between designers from 3 continents in the form of a community. It is the partnerships with international fashion magazines, fashion institutes, procurement-houses, buyer and retail associations, logistic companies and import/export government organizations to bring all industry resources under one roof. Cityblis is bringing the fun of online shopping back to the internet.

Did you know the
Internet is a city?


Did you know the internet is one big city? And the city center is where people spend most of their time. Here we have the Facebook District with loads of social clubs and places to hang out! At Google Central Station you can take a bus or a train to anywhere in the city. We have the LinkedIn Financial District where all the Wall Street guys in their fancy suits hangout. And around the corner we have Yahoo Boulevard, MSN Park, Youtube on Broadway, Twitter Town Hall, MySpace Funfair and more…

Just outside the city we have the large shopping malls where people make the long drive out to occasionally do their shopping. Even further out we have the suburbs where people live. Here we have a couple of small local boutiques scattered around that you wouldn’t even know existed unless you lived here. Travel further out in this online universe and you will find an enormous wasteland littered with forgotten websites and broken links. Try finding what you want in this mess!

If you want to set up an online store this is where you would normally start. Right in the middle of nowhere, with no customer base, no marketing and no direct connection to the city. Welcome to Cityblis! Shoppers, Browsers and Businesses alike will be transported right into the heart of the city where all the action is. Businesses will be able to set up online stores on Cityblis right between the Facebook District and Google Central. People will be able to meet their friends on Cityblis next to Yahoo Boulevard and within walking distance to Twitter Town Hall. And shoppers will be able to find the things they actually want on Cityblis across from MySpace Funfair and the LinkedIn Financial District.

Did you know that all online activities are quickly becoming social? 23.6 minutes of every hour spent on the internet is spent on social internet websites. Users are demanding that they be connected to their friends and to online services every time they use their computers, mobiles or any other electronic device. Following this trend and studying the Big City Internet Universe, Cityblis is launching the world's newest interactive social shopping platform. Cityblis uniquely integrates itself within ALL major social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, MSN, Yahoo, Orkut, MySpace and more.

By using Cityblis, you will find yourself right in the heart of the action between other popular districts and avenues...

Now where do you want to have your store?

Fashion meets

Cityblis is one of the most advanced fashion platforms currently available implementing cloud technology, API integration and the latest features and technologies to improve the user experience. By developing Cityblis in accordance with current Web 2.0 technology the benefit to users is that they can now experience all aspects of the internet through an interactive platform. Cityblis is linked and mashed with popular online social networks so that users can instantly authenticate, share, like, repost and discuss content simultaneously to multiple networks. To make it even easier, we understand that not all users will be members of the same communities. For this reason Cityblis will be fully compatible will all current platforms and networks allowing users to share whatever they want with whoever they want. The experience is totally social, recreating a format that they are already familiar with, unlocking a new segment of the market that has not tried online shopping for fear of being scammed or cheated.

The internet is now all about personalized content and Cityblis is embracing this concept to give users their own unique online shopping experience. The technology is set up to allow designers (small businesses) to be able to create unique beautiful webshops complete with eCommerce capabilities and direct integration to social networks with no html knowledge, no hiring of web developers, no maintenance and no cost. The technology has been developed to make it extremely simple for any user to create a professional looking webpage that it can virtually be done within minutes.

Head Asplode

The technology has been developed to make it extremely simple for any user to create a professional looking webpage that it can virtually be done within minutes.

Cityblis creates a virtual mall where a user can customize the look, the feel, the music (coming soon) and almost every aspect of their own webshop while still being part of a larger community. Although slightly trivial, this community structure enables small businesses to gain more visibility and achieve higher search rankings, taking them out of the desert and putting them directly in front of consumer’s eyes.

To make the experience more engaging for consumers, Cityblis has implemented multiple streams giving users full interaction with friends, shop owners, industry professionals and others. Streams allow users to tailor information based on their interests.

Cityblis implements 3 different streams, each of which offers a unique type of engagement for users.

  • The “Trend Forecast Stream” displays Cityblis’ highest rated stores, products and news based on our users’ ratings and engagement. Through this stream users are able to see the hottest products, the most popular topics and predict the trends of tomorrow.
  • The “Cityblis Stream” is a time based stream which shows all the activities of the entire Cityblis community. Users can see everything from what is been talked about, what new products have been uploaded and much more, the second they occur.
  • Lastly, “My Stream” is a time based personalized stream which shows each user’s private activities and other community members interactions on those activities.

These streams are designed to give users unique information that is tailored to their appetite for information and interaction allowing them to be completely passive observers or interact actively with others.

Cityblis is designed for global audiences so standard features like currency & language convertors/ translators have been included to allow users of different nations to conduct business and engage each other more readily.

One of the biggest obstacles facing small businesses these days is inventory management. For this reason, Cityblis will soon directly integrate to platforms such as and Magento to connect to other platforms and enable them to connect to us. This will allow users to monitor, track and shift inventory between platforms to give users the best opportunity to engage customers.

Another pain that both small businesses and consumers face is fraud. To make online shopping more secure, Cityblis has developed a method, system and technology to minimize this problem for which there is a patent pending. At release this technology will make shopping more secure and create greater trust between users in different countries and across continents.

Over the next 6-12 months Cityblis is going to roll out a number of additional features and functionality which will make online shopping more simple, more fun and more secure. But for now we are going to keep these trade secrets under our hats. So stay tuned for more.


Solving the pain of
small businesses

  • Business

The economics
of fashion

Small Business and Cityblis

Small Business Pain

According to US census data, small businesses represent more than three-quarters of the US economy but only capture 3% of overall sales. This is typical of most economies around the world. In an economy that is trying to recover, small businesses need new avenues and channels to reach customers. This is the greatest pain any business experiences – attracting new customers. With the weak currencies and consumers turning to the internet to find cheaper products, the small businesses are primed to receive high online demand from new customers, especially from international markets.

Clearly the market exists. However, small businesses cannot access this market for the following reasons:

  • High setup, operating and marketing costs
  • Political and business red tape
  • And basically the complexity of all of the above

Those businesses that manage to overcome these barriers to entry face additional obstacles as they become lost in cyberspace amongst the corporate giants. They have little to no market presence and often abandon their efforts as they do not prove to be cost effective and attract few new customers.

Cityblis – Solving the Pain of Small Businesses

Success online means generating Market Presence. Any business can now pay to create a great website. But no matter how good the brand or how amazing the products, if customers can’t find them, then they will never reach the sales they deserve. Cityblis achieves market presence by collectively marketing thousands of businesses under the umbrella of one united front rather than separate stand- alone businesses. Using the combined strength of the many and unique viral marketing on social networks, Cityblis creates new sales and marketing channels for small businesses to diversify from traditional buying patterns and successfully reach new customers.

By using Cityblis, businesses and products become visible on multiple levels - through individual online stores, as part of a global platform, through social media and most importantly though viral marketing. This gives businesses the market presence they need to be successful. The benefit that Cityblis offers small business over competitors, is that instead of setting up a store in the middle of nowhere with no customers, we make their store part of a larger community with customers viewing their products from day one.

From politics
to fashion

With the ‘European Union’s development association’, ‘Swedish Growth Organizations’ and ‘UK Trade & Investment’ already involved in Europe, Cityblis is now opening up new markets with the help of US organizations.

The Cityblis platform is designed to operate in multiple countries, giving local companies the tools to reach global customers and export their products anywhere in the world. By incorporating applications such as language translations, currency convertors, multiple payment methods and shipping options with various transport companies, business users have everything they need under the one roof to get their products into the market and increase profits.

Businesses now have direct communication links to their customers, are able to create customer groups, target users that express an interest in their products and become a part of their customer’s social networks.

The huge advantage to businesses is the way in which Cityblis markets every business to a global audience. Through integration with major social networks, platforms and portals as well as Google, Skype and various other online applications, Cityblis will be able to viral market every user and business across the internet.

United States and European Union

Cityblis is intended for both small as well as large established businesses. Companies that already operate online services have the opportunity to link their existing website to the Cityblis platform and display all or some of their products. In this way, users can always find a company’s primary website if they should choose to have one. Additionally businesses have the capability to connect to networks that users want and develop their own pages/tools/functions for users through the Cityblis developer platform. The goal is to increase both online traffic to their own websites and more foot traffic into their stores.

Cityblis is the best way to give smaller online merchants better selling potential.

Goals & Vision

We run Cityblis like we
run our lives

  • Goals & Vision

In developing Cityblis we asked ourselves - What incredible benefits can we give to small businesses?... where can we take them that they can’t currently go? And starting with this idea we built the technology around the user experience.

  • We looked at the way businesses and consumers share information and developed multiplatform sharing.
  • We looked at the way they interact... and developed better communication.
  • We looked at where they spend their time and built the tools around them.
  • While other websites build closed communities... We have built an open platform.
  • We customize the user experience through interest based shopping and allow users to interact with their real friends.


We run Cityblis like we live our lives.

  • Don’t forget the little guy.
  • Open and honest relationships with communication.
  • A positive team and family spirit.
  • Everyone has a voice and should be heard.
  • Never stop learning and listening.
  • Demand the best of yourself and of others.
  • Take as little as possible to grow as big as possible.
  • Don’t take advantage of people.
  • Privacy is important!
  • Make everything as simple as possible.


  • Remove barriers within the industry to enable designers (small businesses) to reach new customers and sell in new markets that were previously impossible to reach.
  • Strengthen local economies by helping small businesses to capture more than the 3% of the market, they currently have.
  • Make designers (small businesses) more visible locally and internationally.
  • Help consumers find the things they really want from all over the world.


“Give small businesses exposure in new markets while making international
trade simpler, easier and cheaper for everyone”